Business Philosophy

Vision: IMAE will continue to consolidate its position as one of the major companies in poduct development for the mechanical and aeronautical segments. IMAE will strive to become leader in the area and be recognised above all for the quality of its business actions.

Business: Ensure IMAE’s customer satisfaction while always working with integrity and environmental awareness.

Values: Business excellence, innovation, global reach and sustainability.

Innovation: Business culture and processes focus on innovations with technical and financial feasibility studies for the development and consolidation of innovative projects.


Our employees, and the perceptions they have, help define the values of the company with appreciation, incentives and mutual trust. We always aim to meet the needs of our customers in a surprising way with technological and innovative development and acting globally and in a sustainable way

Business Excellence

Entrepreneurial attitude combined with detailed planning and responsible management in the implementation of activities with quality while meeting deadlines.


Innovation capability with strong technical knowledge, turning ideas in to products, in keeping with technological developments that the market demands and facing challenges as learning opportunities

Global reach

With headquarters in São José dos Campos – SP, IMAE operates throughout Brazil. It has internationalization and global operation processes, investing in new business opportunities and expanding strategic partnerships.


With sustainability in mind, IMAE uses natural resources to meet their present needs without causing damage for future generations.


IMAE creates engineering innovation processes in compliance with established national and international standards that determine the standardization and quality to meet the requirements and gain product certification.

Our strategy is to always add value to products, maximize the expected result of product development for mechanical and aeronautic products.


Our mission is to turn the difficulties in achieving a goal in to dynamic solutions. We aim to determine an identity in our client’s products, establishing a positive critical sense without forgetting the importance of success.

We endeavour to make our work a handy and useful tool for our customers making use of cutting edge of technology and integrating innovation in a reliable way.


IMAE has a group focused on providing innovative technological solutions. The experience gained in the mechanical and aeronautical industries is multidisciplinary and along with academic knowledge ranges from entrepreneurial management and technical development of new products. We are qualified to undertake and manage the necessary engineering disciplines to implement the new product development cycle and build solutions for our customers.